Underground Mammal Found Inside a Fish

When a Missouri fisherman hauled in a fish from his pond recently, he knew he had made a big catch, but he didn't know just how big. As he was reeling in the largemouth bass from his parents' eight-acre pond, Monroe MacKinney was shocked by what he saw. An eastern mole, commonly found throughout Missouri, appeared to be attempting to climb from the fish's mouth; however, MacKinney soon realized it was dead. He posted the image on his Instagram acccount, where it soon went viral. (Also see "Inside the Bizarre Life of the Star-Nosed Mole, World's Fastest Eater.") "[The mole] scared me a little, went to take my lure [out] and [I] almost dropped the fish... thought it was a turtle," he wrote. Commenters are perplexed by how the mammal came to be in the water in the first place. Moles live on land, spending most of their time digging tunnels and searching for food, such as earthworms and other underground insects. It's a common misconception that moles are blind, but they do have poor eyesight and are frequently colorblind. They're adapted to live in low-oxygen environments underground. (Learn how a star-nosed mole can smell underwater.)