What you should do when feeling bloated?

Feeling bloated and constipated can be quite discomforting, but you can take care of it easily now.

You should also know the foods that you are eating that could aggravate your constipation and bloating problems.

These foods include;

Dairy products, they can cause gaseous build up and bloating. Avoid milk, yogurt and cheese as much as possible. You can drink healthy alternatives like soy, flax milk, almond and coconut milk.
Cabbage, asparagus and broccoli are great and healthy but can also give you gas. This is as a result of their raffinose which is a sugar which the body does not digest until it gets to the large intestine. So it’s advisable to eat these vegetables in small quantities at a time.
Soak then sun dry your beans before cooking to get rid of some it’s sugar as they contain oligosaccharide which is a type of sugar that the body does not digest.
Pears and apples have soluble fibres but some stomachs are sensitive to them and cannot tolerate them. However, if you have such a stomach you can eat these fruits in moderation.
Gums and candies can cause gastrointestinal issues because of their artificial sweeteners.
Salty foods cause your body to retain water, so you can reduce your daily salt consumption to about 2300 mg.
Fizzy drinks, carbonated beverages and alcohol will release carbon dioxide and lead to bloating.
Try these foods to reduce bloating and constipation

1. Try Fennel

The fennel and it’s seeds will act as antispasmodic agents in your colon which will reduce the gas buildup and bloating. Your digestive tract muscles will be relaxed and nit constricted aiding bowel movement.

2. Use Caraway seeds

They possess carminative properties that will stop the buildup of gas as well as aid in its expulsion. It also boosts the growth of hood bacteria in your gut.

3. Ginger helps

It’s protein-digesting enzyme known as zingibain will take care of your gastrointestinal problems. Reducing your gas and bloating issues.

4. Eat Pineapple

It also has protein-digesting enzyme and it’s anti-inflammatory properties will help ease your bloating concerns.

5. Try drinking Peppermint tea

It will relax the muscles of your digestive tract and is also good for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

6. Drink Chamomile tea also

Chamomile tea is rich in anti-inflammatory, carminative and anti-spasmodic properties. The mucous membrane of your digestive tract will be eased to help with bowel movement. In children it’s good for diarrhea issues and it can help relieve you of stress which can lead to digestive problems. 

7. Eat Papaya

It has an enzyme known as papain which is a protein-digesting enzyme which can provide relief from gas and bloating. This fruit will also help to get rid of intestinal parasites and worms responsible for bloating.

8. Don’t throw away that garnish – Parsley

That garnish on your meal is very good in taking care of bloating and gas buildup. Raw parsley will also help with your breath. It is a natural diuretic which means it will help you eliminate excess salt through urination, salt retains excess water which can cause gas buildup and bloating.

9. Try an Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and lemon recipe

Take ACV and lemon recipe to combat bloating. It will boost your digestive juices to digest and absorb vital nutrients much better.


Just dilute about 2 teaspoons of ACV in 1 cup of water.
Then squeeze your organic natural lemon in the ACV in about a quartz of water (one and a half lemon is sufficient)
Stir and it’s ready to drink. Drink first thing in the morning before you have breakfast.