Amazing Rescue of a Bald Eagle Stuck In The Hood Of A Moving Car

Hurricanes wreak all sorts of havoc, whether it’s damaging property or displacing people from their homes. For wildlife, the results are similar: the storms uproot animals from their habitats, forcing them into unknown and often dangerous situations.Take Matthew the bald eagle, for instance. In the wake of a recent hurricane, he was blown way off course, and where he ended up was truly shocking!
After a massive hurricane blew through the state of Florida, police in Clay County received a very unusual 911 call. A driver realized that he had a bald eagle stuck in the grill of his car!
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The driver wasn’t initially aware of the bird, but the operator of another vehicle spotted the trapped eagle, followed the man, and eventually got him to pull over. That’s when he alerted the authorities.
When the police arrived, the scene was exactly as the man had described in the 911 call, but it was still quite shocking! They speculated that the bird had become disoriented by Hurricane Matthew, which had recently passed through the area, and had either attempted to shelter himself in the car grill or had flown in front of the moving vehicle and become lodged.
They managed to dislodge Matthew from the front of the vehicle, and miraculously, the bird had only a few scrapes and bruises despite his brushes with both hurricane and car.