It’s Seriously Impressive! Giant Monster Under The Family Truck

Teenagers are not typically known for being the most motivated age group. Still, even the most active and involved teen definitely takes a backseat to what this 14-year-old in Australia did.In what was perhaps the most Australian thing to happen this month, young Oli Wardrope discovered a sizable carpet snake had become stuck in the undercarriage of his family’s truck. Instead of calling animal services or something lame like that, Oli took matters into his own hands.Wriggling under the vehicle and wearing nothing but shorts and a glove, the teen did something that few people would have the guts to do.With seemingly no regard for his own safety, 14-year-old Australian Oli Wardrope did something no sane person would do: he attempted to rescue a carpet python that had become lodged in the undercarriage of the family truck.
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