This Woman Lived Without Face

We’ve read numerous kinds of rare and unbelievable medical conditions that left experts scratch their heads. Sadly, these diseases continue to rock the medical fields and financial incapability makes it even worst. And this young woman in Kolkata, Eastern India is the depressing evidence of it.21-year-old Khadija Khatoon has lived her whole life without a face.Khadija’s face has a mass of skin dangling from her forehead with no eyes and just a small slit for a nose.According to her parents Rashid Mulla and Amina Bibi, they unaware of their daughter’s condition until she was two months old and failed to open her eyes.Born from a poor family, Khadija’s parents were unable to bring her to experts for further tests. Her condition worsened as her excess skin kept increasing while she grows.
What’s even more painful is when the doctors told them, “there was nothing they could do” and any attempts to perform surgery could only kill her.Khadija’s condition prevented her from going to school and she didn’t have any friends. She said: “My family is my only friend and I love them dearly. It’s not a matter of coping, I just live as I am.”Fortunately, Rupak Dutta, a government officer, saw Khadija walking down the street and appeal on Facebook for public help.