Very informative: What is the G-spot?

If you're a believer, the G-spot is like the sexual version of a magic carpet ride: It can unlock a whole new world of pleasure. "It's a small mass of spongy erectile nerve tissue, paraurethral ducts and glands, and blood vessels, which can be erogenous for many women during sexual arousal," says Fulbright. The G-spot is nestled between your pubic bone and the front of your cervix, about two inches into the vaginal opening on the front wall of your vagina (the one closer to your stomach, not your back).Before you take your fingers on a spelunking mission, a bit of homework: get into a sexy mood. When you're aroused, more blood rushes to your pelvic region and the spot becomes raised and feels rougher than the rest of your insides. "If you're not turned on, it will be hard to feel this area," says Fulbright. So light some candles, fantasize, fire up some porn, or do whatever else you like. Once you're all hot and bothered, insert two or three well-lubed fingers palm-up, about two inches in. Feel around for that rough patch, which can be "as small as your pinky fingernail or as large as a half-dollar," says Fulbright.
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