Why Is So Important To Massage Your Feet Before Bed

You will all agree with me that massaging is one of the most effective ways for relaxation and for the health in general.  You can do it by yourself in the coziness of your home. What are the benefits from massaging?Speed up your metabolism, Stimulates the secretion of sweat, Reduce fat, Increase blood flow, Rejuvenates the skin.

 Why Is So Important To Massage Your Feet Before Bed! Miracle Starts Here Massage your feet before going to bed The massage will help you to get rid of acid responsible for cramps. Relax the muscles and stimulates digestion.The feet play great role in the  nervous system, because the sole of your feet contains more sweat glands and sensitive nerve endings.  Those nerve endings are connected with  the other organs in the body, and with massaging your feet you are stimulating as well the organs.  Only with applying pressure on specific points it is very likely to help treating some health issues. You must use your thumb to apply pressure  on specific place and hold it for couple seconds. Do this massage  every night for about 10-15 minutes for maximum results.