Indonesian Monkeys Have Adopted A Stray Kitten

Traveling isn’t just a great way of expanding your actual horizons, both literally and figuratively; it’s also an awesome opportunity to see people, places, and things you have never seen before! Often the time we experience abroad is truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment.That was certainly the case for Anne Young. When she decided to vacation in the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia, she had certain expectations about what she’d see. The amateur wildlife photographer was visiting Monkey Forest Park with the hopes of capturing some great snapshots of the park’s most famous residents.What she didn’t expect was the unusual scene that she’d discover at the park. One of the monkeys was caught doing something that she simply couldn’t have imagined.
One day, Anne Young decided to visit Monkey Forest Park in Bali, Indonesia to take some wildlife pictures. She knew when she arrived that she would see plenty of monkeys—that was a given. However, she was surprised when she found that one of them had a special guest in tow.
 Wow, you certainly don’t see that every day! The monkey and kitten are lucky to have found such special companions in each other!