Jaguars in the Pantanal, Brazil

A particular concern is ensuring that elephants are not seen as competition for livestock farmers who are rearing an increasing number of cattle to feed the burgeoning population. Loisaba’s response is the Livestock to Markets programme. With backing from the Nature Conservancy, a US charity, Loisaba buys farmers’ cattle, fattens them up and sells them at a better price directly to butchers, thereby cutting out the middlemen.Profits are then shared between the conservancy and the farmers, who mightWith a violent flash of teeth, this is the moment a wounded and starving jaguar tried to snatch a caiman from a Brazilian river in a last ditch effort to eat. But despite initiating the sneak attack, the cat slunk away empty-handed after the caiman successfully fought it off and swam to safety. The brutal fight to the death was spotted by a photographer, who watched the visibly unhealthy jaguar creep up on the caiman along the banks of the Piquiri River, Pantanal, in Brazil.