A female green anaconda squeezes a male to death after mating.

Photographer Luciano Candisani has captured the first-ever photographs of a green anaconda squeezing her mate to death in Brazil.While tracking down a particularly large snake in the swamps of Brazil, photographer Luciano Candisani got more than he'd hoped for: the first known image of a female green anaconda squeezing her mate to death.As thick as a "truck tire," the female was well known to local guides Juca Ygarap√© and Daniel de Granville, who took Candisani to her usual haunt in the Formoso River. They found her half-out of the water, entangled with a small male on the river bottom—perhaps, Candisani thought, a post-mating embrace. He watched the pair for a few hours, taking some underwater photographs from about three feet away.